Assembly Point Association

"I'd Like To Help"

The Association succeeds or fails to serve the Point's residents in a major part by the level of volunteer help it receives. Here's what the current volunteers do for you. If you can share a few hours of your skills during the year, please indicate below. If one of these descriptions appeals to you, please step forward. We can use all the help we can get. Just because someone's always done it doesn't mean they wouldn't like to share the load.


  • President - Oversee planning for and run the Annual Meeting; lead other officers and committee members
  • Vice President - Assist and stand in for President; plan and oversee Annual picnic
  • Secretary - Record and type Annual meeting minutes; perform mailings to membership
  • Treasurer - Keep books; write checks; deposit receipts; produce annual financial report


  • Neighborhood Representative - Help spread the word to your neighbors; welcome new residents
  • Beautification - Green thumb to plant flowers at top of hill on 9L; recruit helpers to keep them watered; organize spring cleaning
  • Sign maintenance - Carpenter/Painter to maintain and erect meeting notice sign; maintain 25 MPH sign
  • Safety - Identify safety hazards; communicate with Town officials to effect repairs; schedule electronic sign
  • History - Collect histories of the Point; encourage long-time residents to share their stories; write and edit; work with Publicity to post histories on the Web
  • Publicity - Prepare press releases of Association activities; prepare documents for the APtA Web site
  • Webmaster - to maintain
  • Assembly Point Shirts - Take orders for and distribute T-shirts; work with printer to process orders; store inventory during year
  • Social - Organize social events; determine interest of members;
  • Sewer Project - Contact County representatives; report progress (or inaction);
  • Property Assessment - Obtain and maintain property assessment records; contact town assessor and report activity
  • Membership - Maintain membership mailing list; produce labels for mailings; update mailing list from County records, membership forms, Neighborhood Representatives
  • Assembly Point Map - Obtain updated map from County GIS; update for ownership changes; work with Membership Committee

I'd Like To Help

(Circle Items)

Officers I'd like to be nominated for:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Committees Please contact me to help on the following committee(s):

  • Neighborhood Representative
  • Membership
  • Beautification
  • History
  • Publicity
  • Social
  • T-Shirts

  • Sign Maintenance
  • Safety
  • Property Assessments
  • Webmaster
  • Assembly Point Map
  • Sewer Project
  • Other I'd like to help with: _________________________________________________________________________________________




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