DATE: Saturday, August 27, 2005
TIME: 9:30 AM
LOCATION: North Queensbury Fire House, Route 9L, Cleverdale

Meeting - The 2005 Annual Meeting of the Assembly Point Association is being held because of the important current event topic – property taxes We are fortunate to have a Point neighbor to present information to help our members understand the issues: "Does It Take a Village .... to Control Taxes?"



Business Meeting:

President's Report – Dave Wilcox

Treasurer's Report – Joan Anderson

Association Status – Dave Wilcox

Nominating Committee – from the Floor

Communications –, E-mail

Beautification – Bill Bernard

Assembly Point road sign – Dave Wilcox

Donations – Dave Wilcox

Dues – Dave Wilcox

Association Golf Tournament in 2006 -- Tom Vaughn

Informational Presentation:

Does it take a Village .... to control property taxes? -- John Hodgkins

In the next few weeks, those who vote in the Queensbury Ward 1, District 1 balloting district will have the opportunity to vote for or against formation of East Lake George Village. The Village's organizing committee has conducted a number of informational meetings to enlist support for the proposal. Increased property taxes are sighted as the catalyst for this action.

John will provide information regarding controlling property taxes, including a discussion of the village option – can it help, or not?

Voter Registration Option – Peter Brothers

Members who do not currently vote in Queensbury, but who wish to do so, may change their registration by completing a Voter Registration Form (We believe the deadline for registration to vote on the village issue has not arrived.) Peter has forms and can explain the change process. Please note there are some issues to consider, such as, the impact of the change on income and property taxes at another residence. We recommend consulting an appropriate tax professional with any questions prior to changing registration.