Assembly Point Association
JULY 11, 1998


I. Call to Order and Introduction
President Bill Bernard called the 1998 annual meeting to order promptly at 9:50am. Introductions of Officers were made - Vice President Dennis MacElroy, Secretary Carol Hurst and Treasurer Jane Shires.

II. 1997 Annual Meeting Minutes
The meeting minutes from the 1997 Annual Meeting were offered for discussion by Secretary Carol Hurst. A motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the 1997 meeting minutes as received.

III. Officer's Reports

A. Treasurer
Jane Shires presented the treasurer's report detailing the Association's expenditures and revenues during this past fiscal year (July 1, 1997 to June 30, 1998). Reported balances at year's end were $ 1,429.66 in the checking account and $ 917.20 in the savings account. Jane noted that 74 families paid the $15 annual dues to the Assembly Point Association last year.

SECRETARY'S NOTE: Approximately 225 families reside on Assembly Point and are included on the mailing list for all Association business and information. Dues can be paid at any time to our treasurer at the address provided within.
The treasurer's report was accepted as presented for the record by President Bill Bernard.

B. President
Bill discussed a few of the activities and goals of the APtA this past year. The Association is committed to keeping our membership aware of the issues affecting our neighborhood as well as understanding the issues that are of interest to the residents of Assembly Point. A community bulletin board and our membership survey are two items that the Association has been pursuing to accomplish our goals. As always input from our members is welcome and if anyone is interested in serving on any of the active committees please contact any of the officers.

IV. Guest Speakers

This year we invited representatives of our two local volunteer emergency service organizations to speak to us. Both groups gave very informative and helpful discussions on the qualifications and capabilities of our volunteer departments as well as several safety recommendations that were important for all to know. Hi-lights of each talk are as follows:

A. Waite Cowles/Dan Davies - North Queensbury Fire Co. Inc.
Waite Cowles made a presentation on the NQ Fire Co. 1998 is the 50th anniversary year of the formation of the Fire Company. Several activities are planned in commemoration of the anniversary including an Open House at the Fire House scheduled for August 29th. Waite provided general information about member training and certification, emergency calls and responses, safety equipment and costs.
Dan Davies and Jeff Baertschi joined Waite in a discussion of safety issues related to carbon dioxide detectors and their proper use. Knowledge of 911 protocol was stressed, specifically the importance of having a properly identified and marked property. Information was provided on how to check what information the 911 system has for individual's property. The difference in using cellular telephones for 911 calls was identified by noting that when using a cell phone you will reach a dispatcher out of the local area.

B. Ernie Whelden - North Queensbury Volunteer Rescue Squad
Ernie provided general information about the Rescue Squad membership, which consists of 20 active members from drivers to a paramedic. He noted the extensive support system that exists with assistance provided by the Fire Company's First Responders and by adjacent Rescue organizations, i.e. Lake George, Bay Ridge.
An overview of the Squad's equipment was provided along with a brief description of the training and certification requirements of the membership.
Ernie gave advice about when to call 911 and what happens when you call ? People sometimes wait too long to call 911 - Ernie stressed the importance of quick notification - 'Don't hesitate to call' ' the golden hour is critical '. The importance of clear and precise property identification was also stressed. The rescue squad can't help you if they can't find you. You can check with the Town of Queensbury @ 761-8200 ext. 253 to verify the current information on your property.

V. Committee Reports

A. Nominating Charlie Adamson, representing the nominating committee presented the following slate of officers:

President - Bill Bernard
Vice President - Dave Wilcox
Secretary - Dennis MacElroy
Treasurer - Jane Shires
See the Officers Page

Nominations were requested from 'the floor' but none were received. A motion was made by Joe Shay and seconded by Carol Hurst to elect the slate of officers as proposed. The motion carried without opposition and the officers accepted their positions.

B. Warren County Sewer Project
Dennis MacElroy provided an update on the ongoing sewer project that is currently involved in a legal challenge over the environmental review (SEQR) process it had followed. The presiding judge determined that the project may proceed. Warren County officials estimate that the Lake George, Bolton and Hague portions of the project may go to construction during the 1999 construction season. The North Queensbury portion of the project remains in the environmental review phase as a supplemental environmental impact statement will be prepared to develop a preferred alternative for sewage collection and disposal. Information on this phase of the work may be available to the public during the next several months.

C. Beautification
Jane Shires reported on the annual efforts of the Beautification Committee in their clean up and planting at the top of the Point. Jane, along with Martha and Gard Harris provided the labor to beautify the triangle area with wood chips and geraniums. Help with watering the flowers is always welcomed.

D. Storm Water Management Program
Dennis MacElroy reported that the Town Board will soon adopt the Citizens Advisory Committee's report on stormwater management troublespots in North Queensbury as a planning document. The Town will be then seeking grant money to fund an engineering study for improvements to the Assembly Point Road area as defined in the stormwater troublespots document. Also noted was the formation of an ad hoc committee with representatives from most communities around the Lake (Dick Merrill of Queensbury) with the propose of developing a 'Manual of Best Practices' for stormwater regulatory guidelines. It is intended to supplement LGPC regulations and be administered by the individual Towns.

E. Queensbury Property Assessment
Charlie Adamson reported that the Town was beginning to undertake the revaluation process for a future update. Lew Stone clarified that the assessor's office was taking the first steps in updating the file information for the lake area properties.

F. Assembly Point Map Update
Dennis MacElroy indicated that the Assembly Point Map would be updated again in 1999. A current copy(1996) is available at the meeting to note any known changes.

G. Historian
Bob Holmes reported that Bob Adamson is continuing his efforts in preparing a history of Assembly Point. Bill Bernard notified the members that a document prepared by Bob Ervien's father on the history of Assembly Point is available for review at the Crandall Library or through the APtA for the costs of copying. A sign up sheet is available for those interested in a copy.

H. Assembly Point Shirts
Jane Shires will take new orders for shirts and sweatshirts featuring our very handsome lake and mountain logo. Contact Jane soon to get your order in.
Secretary's Note: The shirts are in and a limited supply of extras are available.

I. Membership
The best efforts to increase active membership may be for neighbors to make contact - particularly to new residents. We should all take an active roll in promoting participation (and dues paying) in the APtA. Neighbors should notify any officer of new residents so that official contact can be made.

VI. Old Business

  • 55 MPH Sign on Rt. 9L
    Based on a prior request Dennis MacElroy has looked into the location of this sign just south of the Assembly Pt. Rd. intersection and contacted a NYS DOT engineer in Albany to request its relocation to a location further north (beyond our intersection). Safety of turning movements has been cited as justification for this relocation. The DOT representative indicated he would review the condition and notify Dennis in writing.

  • Dues
    The annual dues are again set at $15 per year. The benefit's of membership are available to all residents of the Point. The APtA appreciates those families who pay this modest fee to help our organization provide an added sense of community to all our residents. Dues can be forwarded to our Treasurer Jane Shires at any time. Refer to the attached form.

  • Survey Results
    Bill Bernard presented a summary of last years survey regarding sewer, stormwater and items of interest to the membership. Forty-five (45) residents responded to this survey. A general discussion was held with many comments related to the Assembly Point Road issue. The purpose of the survey was to help identify some sense of the active membership's feelings about certain issues effecting our residents.

  • Additional Meeting
    An effort to schedule some further APtA social activity has often been suggested. Discussion of several different ideas was again tossed around with an end of summer picnic or boat cruise being recommended. Ted Brothers volunteered to check with Camp Chingachgook for availability either August 22 or 30. The cruise boat idea will also be investigated. Notification of which event will be held will be sent by early August. SECRETARY'S NOTE: BOAT CRUISE ON THE DEFIANCE AUGUST 22nd.

  • Community Bulletin Board
    Bill Bernard discussed our desire to place a community bulletin at some suitable location on the Point. Bill and Dennis will meet with the Town Highway Superintendent to get his input. Several other ideas were proposed such as a mail box type drop box for pick up of information, the use of the newly published LG Mirror to announce information in Carol Hurst's Assembly Point column and Bob Walden's suggestion of an Assembly Point Association web site. Bill and Dennis will continue to try to secure a location on the Point for a bulletin board structure to post notices.


  • Road Safety
    A familiar topic at all of our annual meetings is the issue of road safety. The membership was again reminded that the speed limit as posted is 25mph.!!!!! Due to our large population of walkers and our narrow, shoulderless roads (especially along sections of Assembly Point Road) everyone was asked to take special caution while driving . and don't forget to tell your visitors and contractors to take it easy on our roads. Please GO SLOW GO SAFE !!!

    VI. New Business

  • L. G. Park Commission - Dave Wilcox spoke of the July 7th meeting held by the Town Board, re: public hearing held to discuss role of the LGPC at which the general sentiment was that the LGPC should be involved with Lake use regulation but not necessarily land based regulations, i.e. sewer and stormwater. Town Board doesn't seem to be taking the position of other Boards that have voted to disband the LGPC.

  • LGA Lake Saver - Carol Hurst gave a brief description of 'Lake Saver' , a LGA program which provides advice to property owners on Lake saving ideas. Carol looking for neighborhood hosts for educational sessions. A sign up list was provided for those who might be interested in being a host.

  • Lake George Mirror - Carol Hurst and Don Metivier notified the membership of the reappearance of the Lake George Mirror, a long-standing area news publication that had been inactive of late. The Mirror comes out on Fridays and can be found at the Cleverdale Store with back issues on file at the Crandall Library. Carol writes a column on Assembly Point so she would welcome information anyone would like to share on current activities, history, stories of interest and community activities.

  • Annual Donations - A motion was made, seconded and approved to continue our organization donations the same as last year. Fifty dollars ($50) each will be donated to the North Queensbury Fire Co., the North Queensbury Volunteer Rescue Squad, the Mountainside Library and the Lake George Association.

  • From Floor -a comment/request was made regarding a posted speed limit sign (specifically for Brayton Lane) being 20 MPH instead of 25. The officers will discuss this with the Highway Superintendent. Milford Lester announced the LGA Lake Book was available to all dues paying members of the LGA. He has them available for distribution at the meeting.

    VII. Meeting Adjournment

    A motion was made, seconded and approved to adjourn the 1998 Annual Meeting at 12:35 PM. All members were invited to remain for the traditional APtA picnic.

    Respectfully Submitted,
    Dennis MacElroy
    APtA Secretary