Assembly Point Association
JULY 8, 2000


I. Call to Order

President Dave Wilcox called the meeting to order at 9:45 am.

II. 1999 Annual Minutes approval

There was a brief minutes reminder and information regarding the upcoming cruise and dues form.  Members were asked to help update the mailing list. There was a motion to accept the minutes, as is which Frank Dillon seconded with no one opposed.

III. Officer's Reports

A.  Treasurer

Jane Shires presented the treasurer's report for the past fiscal year ended June 30, 2000. The report detailed the Association expenditures and revenue as follows: Beginning Balance -$2,785.90, Receipts - 1,681.00, Expenditures - 855.83, and Current Balance $3,611.75.

Jane noted that we changed our account so that we could gain interest.  Mr. Dillon how interest would affect our tax liability.  There is no liability because our balance is so small.

B.  President's Report

Dave Wilcox provided a brief report of the prior year’s activity.

IV.  Guest Speakers

A.  Lynn LaMontagne, Executive Director Lake George Basin Conservancy

Ms. LaMontagne noted her work with the Conservancy is dedicated to preserving the water quality and vistas of Lake George.  The conservancy was able to purchase land on Pilot Knob Ridge that includes that known as the "drug house" from owners at a fair market value.  This land will be restored and made a preserve of the Lake George Conservancy. Hiking and multi-use trails will be created.  The Conservancy is trying to raise $650k to restore the area.  They'd like to link it to the Adirondack Forest Preserve.

DeeDee suggested that the Association make a donation to support this project.  Ted Brothers moved to donate $500.00 to the project. The motion was tabled to the new business portion of the meeting.

B.  Jim Martin, Ward 1 Representative, Town of Queensbury Board of Supervisors "What's New that Might Affect the Point?"

Jim stated that he's lived in the area since 1964 and is one of four new town board members.  He's worked for Henry Merrill and was Community Development Director for the town.  He's been in office for 6 months and noted that the sewer project had already been addressed.  The town-wide zoning ordinance draft should be available for public review in August.  It will be the first since 1988 and will be "State of the Art".  It should be in place by spring 2001.  

He noted the erosion problem along the shore of Assembly Pt. Road is dealt with in the Storm Water Management Report.  There will be a meeting Monday night to discuss the Engineering study done of the road to find solutions to be undertaken.

Jim stated that the Town-based Land Conservancy was in the works and by-laws would be drafted and reviewed by fall in an effort to protect our town.

V.  Committee Reports

A.  Nominating

Lew Stone made introduction of officers as representative of the nomination Committee, Dave Wilcox-President, Bill Bernard-Vice President, Secretary-Honey-Jo Kelly, and Treasurer-Jane Shires.  It was noted that all are looking for successors in 2001.

B.  Warren County Sewer Project - Dennis MacElroy

Dennis reported there was activity in other areas of the Lake – Lake George village, Bolton and The Hague.

C.  Beautification

Thanks go to Gard and Martha Harris, Jane Shires and Carol Hurst for their continuing efforts to beautify the Point.  It was noted that they’d appreciate help with watering.  

D.  Storm Water Management Program  

Dennis reported that the town adopted an ordinance that new homes must meet for handling run off.  Older homes torn down for rebuilds may also be affected by the new rules. There is no impact for established properties unless they have a change like such as an addition or a driveway.  He suggested that "Storm Water" was no longer needed as an agenda item.

E.  Queensbury Property Assessment

This position is open since Lillian and Charlie Adamson have sold and are moving. There is a potential that new owners will have assessment increases. It's something to keep an eye on.  Is anyone willing to take this on?   Milford suggested that perhaps a local Realtor could do so.

F.  Map Update

Dennis reports that the last update occurred in 1999 and is done every three years.  It does not show the most recent changes.  Dave noted that known changes could be found on the back of the agenda. A motion was passed to thank Dennis for all his work on the map.

G.  History Committee

Dick Young, Coordinator was unavailable to provide an update.  Mr. Dillon reported that he had prepared a history of Shore Colony.  Further updates will be added to the Association web site at  Help, contributions and updates would be appreciated.

H.  Assembly Point Shirts

Jane Shires has some for sale and will take orders for more.  The officers were wearing the polo shirt and looking for interest in this design.  It has a smaller logo.  The downside to the polo shirt design is that the logo made fade faster than that on the T-shirts.

I.  Membership - New Residents - Neighbor Representatives

It was noted that Neighborhood representatives would meet, greet and welcome newcomers to the Point.   The following people volunteered to be greeters for their area.





Ted Brothers

Old Assembly Point Rd

Assembly Point Rd 9L to Brayton Ln


Mr. Walden

Brayton Ln

Holly Ln

Private Roads off Brayton Ln


Joan Anderson

Assembly Point Rd – Brayton Lane to Knox Rd


Bill Bernard

Knox Rd


Joe Tornebene

Assembly Point Rd – Knox Rd to Sunset Ln


Honey-Jo Kelly

Assembly Point Rd – Sunset to Bay Pkwy

Honeysuckle Ln – East Side


MaryBeth Dunne

Sunset Ln

Honeysuckle Ln – West Side

Chestnut Ln

Pine Tree Ln

Cherry Tree Ln


Dave Wilcox

North Ln

Forest Rd


Jane Hawn

Bay Pkwy


Milford Lester

Lake Pkwy

A motion was made to cover expenses for a proposed  "Welcome Neighbor package" containing perhaps a directory and map.  There was some discussion about what would be in such a package.  The most recent minutes, magnets, key chains, LGA info and Assembly Point window stickers were mentioned.  Dave proposed that the reps get together to agree on contents.  He summarized that welcome packets would be distributed to new residents only, and could contain a  map, ad for T-shirts and perhaps a key chain.  There was a motion to okay up to $300.00 for Welcome Packets.  Mrs. Walden seconded.  

J.  Publicity

Vicki Zeldin continues to maintain our web site.  Don Metevier of the Lake George Mirror will publish event information.

K.  Annual Social Event

This year the Association is sponsoring a Chicken & Rib BBQ to be held at Camp Chingacook on Saturday August 19.  The cost is $10.00 a head.  It will run from 11 to 4 with many scheduled activities, such as, hiking, swimming, canoeing, bocce and volleyball.  Announcement flyers are being distributed wit reservations to Joan Anderson.

VI.  Old Business

Annual Membership Dues

DeeDee moved to continue the dues at $15.00 per family.  The motion was seconded and all approved.  Dues are being collected at the back table.

Community Bulletin Board

John Owen was instrumental in getting approval for a board to be put up near the Grochmal property near the top of Assembly Point Road.  There is space for a car to pull off to the side. A map of the Point with only street names may be posted along with notices similar to those on the web site.  Our publicity person can use this board as a tool to keep members up to date on Point Activities.

There were questions relating to budget for board and procedure for posting. The board is a work in progress with no rules for use at this point.  We will need feedback from the members.  John Owen suggested some gravel fill be placed to create a better spot for pull off safety.  Bill suggested a suggestion box at the board.

VII.  New Business


The previous motion on floor to donate $500.00 to the Lake George Basin Land Conservancy was entertained again.  It was suggested this be a restricted one-time contribution.  The motion was seconded and approved.  Carol Hurst suggested we continue to support the Library, LGA, NQ Fire Dept. and NQ Rescue Dept. with $50.00 each.  There was a question from the floor as to, "Why not more?"  The prevailing sentiment was that that was an individual decision as compared to an organizational one.  It was noted that all the groups we support were worthy ones.  The Association recommends that individuals who wish to can make contributions on their own.  The Association can provide addresses of all the places we donate to.  It was noted that the Mountainside Library has very small budget and greatly appreciates the support we give each year.  There was a motion form the floor that we donate $50.00 to each of the groups. The motion was seconded and approved.


Gard Harris was responsible for refurbishing the 25-mph sign at the beginning of Assembly Point Road.  Thanks to Gard.

Bob Walden noted we have an opportunity regarding the effluent problem.   Queensbury is isolated from the rest and it's a good idea for our Association to have a special meeting for a consensus from  the people on the point to offer opinions and solutions. He thought perhaps the Assembly Point Assoc. could go to the Municipal people with out thoughts and solutions. Frank Dillon felt it was bit early for that.  We're done with the Storm Water but Dennis will continue to stay involved regards wastewater and keep us updated.

The last announcement concerned the Town of Queensbury Shore Colony Water District.  Currently, non-filtered lake water is distributed from the tank at the end of Assembly Point Road from May 1 to November 1.  This tank must comply by May 1, 2001 with the State Health Department rules regarding filtration and holding tank size.

VIII.  Meeting Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 11:58 AM. All members were invited to remain for the traditional picnic.

Respectfully submitted,

Honey-Jo Kelly
APtA Secretary

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