Assembly Point Association

Annual Meeting Minutes

July 14, 2002


I. Call to order

            President Dave Wilcox called the meeting to order at 9:53 a.m.


II. 2001 annual meeting minutes approved


III. Officer’s reports

            A. Treasurer’s Report

Joan Anderson presented the treasurer’s report for fiscal year ending June 30, 2002. The report detailed expenditures and revenue as follows: Initial balance- 3,200.26, receipts- 1854.31, expenditures- 1,639.83 and current balance- 3,414. Eighty nine families paid dues in 2001.

            B. President’s Report

Introduced the “I’d like to Help Program” encouraging volunteerism in the association.


IV. Guest Speakers

            Roger Boor, Town of Queensbury

Mr. Boor addressed the possibility of central sewer on Assembly Point. He is against such a project for financial reasons. The cost per homeowner would range from $10,000 to $15,000 for the initial hook-up with an additional yearly maintenance fee.  Mr. Boor is currently looking into questions raised by members concerning storm water control, underground sprinkler systems, safety issues (i.e. a possible guardrail on Assembly Point Road) and the quantity of sewage involved in the possible sewer system. Please address him with any concerns or input you may have at: RGUE

            Marilyn Ryba, Senior planner for the town of Queensbury

Ms. Ryba discussed the “Open Space Plan” which protects and utilizes the land resources of the town. Detailed information is available at:


V. Committee Reports

            A. Nominating Committee

The current officers have agreed to commit to another (final) year and were reelected unanimously.

            B. Warren County Sewer Project

Dave Wilcox spoke on behalf of Dennis Mac Elroy. A Queensbury plan is still being evaluated for cost and environmental impact. The status of other sewer projects: Lake George and Bolton improvements are complete. Hague improvements are ongoing.

            C. Beautification

                        Jane Shires, Carol Hurst, and Gard and Martha Harris – Thank You!

            D. Queensbury Property Assessment

According to Fred Tedeschi, values have gone up tremendously especially due to construction in the town. There will be no new assessment until 2004.

            E. Map

The County GIS office is updating the map. Color copies are available for a $2 charge.

            F. History Committee

Bill Bernard retyped the history of the Point written by Robert Ervin and has it posted on the Association’s Web site. Frank Dillon has written a history of Shore Colony.

            G. Assembly Point Shirts

Jane Shires will take orders for new shirts. Tee shirts are $10 and sweatshirts are $20.

            H. Membership

Neighborhood representatives are sought to welcome new members to the Point and the Association.

            I. Publicity

This position is currently vacant. Seeking volunteers!  Mike Kelly has take over as the Webmaster and hosts the Association’s Web site. (www.AssemblyPt.Lake-George.NY.US)

            J. Annual Social Event

                        This position is also vacant.


VI. Old Business

A.     Dues

Association dues will remain $15 per family.

B. Road maintenance

Carol Hearst spoke with the highway department representative who informed her that there would be no repairs made to the Assembly Point Road and others until construction is completed at the Morse residence.


VII. New Business

            A. Safety Taskforce

Joe Polansky, Frank Dillon, Paul Schoenwolf, and Ted Brothers volunteered to be members of a safety committee. Issues to be addressed include:

-        safety concerns associated with traffic to construction sites on the point,

-        possible weight restrictions on Assembly Point Road,

-        access to the Point by fire and emergency vehicles,

-        continuing problems of traffic exceeding the speed limit,

-        coexistence of pedestrians/bicycles/autos,

-        dangerous intersections caused by overgrown vegetation near driveways and intersections, and

-        existence of a noise ordinance.

            B. Donations

Jane Shires moved to continue current donations and was approved following discussion.

            C. Announcements

1.      Special thanks and a certificate of appreciation were awarded to Jane Shires for ten years of outstanding service as Treasurer of the Assembly Point Association and continued service as the Assembly Point shirt committee.

2.      Marie Larsen and John Owens are commended for transporting a donated ambulance to and their care given to the people of Guatemala.

3.      Concerns about the beautification of the new Shore Colony water treatment building should be addressed to Ralph Van Dusen, at the Queensbury water department.

            D. Annual Social Function

The members will hold no social function this year because of a lack of interest.


VIII. Meeting Adjournment

            The meeting was adjourned at 11:55 a.m. to the picnic.


                                                            Respectfully Submitted,

                                                            Margie Amodeo

                                                            Assembly Point Association Secretary