Assembly Point Association
JULY 10, 1999


I. Call to Order and Introduction
President Bill Bernard called the 1999 meeting to order at 9:52 am. Introduction of officers were made - Vice President Dave Wilcox, Secretary Dennis MacElroy. It was noted that Jane Shires continues as Treasurer but was currently away on a trip.

II. 1998 Annual Minutes

Dennis MacElroy noted that last years minutes were mailed out in August and suggested they be accepted without reading. Don Metivier moved to accept and Joe Sharkey seconded the motion.

III. Officer's Reports

A. Treasurer

Dennis MacElroy presented the 1999 Treasurer's Report (July 1, 1998, to June 30, 1999) in Jane Shires absence. The report for the past fiscal year details the Association expenditures and revenue as follows:

Beginning Balance $2,346.86
Expenditures -1,590.10
Savings 1,158.27
Checking 1,627.63
Current Balance $2,785.90

The treasurer's report was accepted as presented for the record by President Bill Bernard.

B. President's Report

Bill's report focused on the resources available to our community and ways members of APtA members can contribute to our community. He hopes to expand Social Activities this year in an effort to help create a feeling of community. He detailed the groups who would be speaking to our meeting this year: Fire and Rescue, YMCA, Mountainside Library, Queensbury Parks, LGA.

IV. Guest Speakers: Community Resources

A. John Owen - North Queensbury Fire and Rescue

John noted that the Fire Company and Rescue Squads were separate entities but they work closely together. They've had a very active year thus far. The Fire Company has a new pumper fire truck coming and note that most of their trucks dated to the 70"s and early 80's. They are required by the town to update their equipment. Last year the rescue squad bought a new rescue truck.

John also reported that the Rescue Squad uses a 3rd party billing system in the town. Fees for a Basic Life Support call run about $250.00. Advance Life Support runs about $300.00 plus the cost of drugs. North Queensbury answers about 160 calls per year. Bay Ridge answers about 400 calls per year. He noted that this billing will generate funds to provide PAID paramedic staff during the daytime hours that are difficult to staff with volunteers.

The Fire Company is able to handle most any emergency as the first responders with back up of the Rescue Squad. Water rescues are covered by Bolton Landing. The Fire Company has one boat but is looking to have Fire/Rescue boat. They also rely on EnCon, Sheriff and Bolton Landing.

Thanks were offered from the "Floor" for the Fire Co. work in the recent storm. Connie and Dennis echoed those thanks along with a reminder to the group about the hours these volunteers spend training in EMT/Fire Rescue activities.

John then offered to show those interested around the firehouse after the meeting.

B. George Painter - YMCA Presentation

George presented some history on Camp Chingacook. It was named after the last Mohican Chief (1913). It was an all boy camp until the mid 70's. Currently the camp is a full season operation and will accommodate 400 guests for the summer. They have 110 staff to oversee 250 children weekly (1200 campers) throughout the summer. The YMCA offers 70 Environmental Education program for schools. They serve over 5,000 children in 60 schools year round. They operate as a Family Conference Center, hold Women's Retreat Weekends, Corporate Team, Church and Scout activities. Originally, Chingacook was 5 camps. Now it's just two. They have made many improvements to the facilities over the last 5-10 years.

George noted that they have Teen Adventure Trips that provide real challenges. They run 5 weeks long and visit places such as the Grand Canyon, Fulton Chain, Adirondacks. This program serves about 200 teens form all over. The YMCA also offer a special Sailing program to people with disabilities called "YKNOT." They have a state of the art sailboat, lifts on the docks that can lift and lower participants into the boat and a $4,000 steering mechanism that is maneuvered with a computer joystick.

The YMCA also provides scholarships for 300 children. Last year they raised $90,000. This year they've raised $100,000 to make camp more accessible.

Since winterizing they are in their 3rd season and offer winter programs that include cross country skiing, skiing, maple sugaring etc. They have the capacity to hold 100 people in the winter. There is no real minimum size group. You may attend as an individual or rent a cabin as a family group of 3 or 4.

Handouts about the various YMCA offerings were available in the back of the room.

C. Tupper Lindbergh - Mountainside Library

Tupper gave a brief history of the library and noted that it was all volunteer with an old fashioned system. It is one of the oldest chartered library systems and receives some support from the Southern Adirondack Library Association and town of Queensbury. Dr. Edward Suley and his family are responsible for library's beginnings with the donation of the building and 6 inches of land in 1894. Stephanie Eusted left the library $5,000.00 in her will to keep up the building. It currently has 5 volunteers and Lena Chambers is the backbone of the library. She keeps it going, orders books etc.

The library has no computer and no water, just electricity. It needs $2000.00 to help it meet standards. But they may be able to get variance to continue as they are. If not, they may become a "Reading Center." It was noted they may need support from us (Assembly Point Association) through letters to the town so that the town might incorporate them so that they could continue to provide services. Lena said that hundreds of people now use this library.

Lena asked us not to wait but to but to write letters to the state NOW to keep library/reading center as later may be too late. DeeDee Conner made a motion that the APtA write letter of support to Southern Adirondack Library Association. Bill and Dave will meet with Tupper to draft a letter.

D. LGA - Lew Stone

The Lake George Association is a watch dog group for Lake George. They are mainly a volunteer organization with some paid staff. Lew noted that Lake George is and economic engine driving our community. The LGA works with agencies to promote remedial projects that help correct problems that threaten Lake George (i.e., storm water). One of the ways it does this is with sales of the "Lake Book." This book details how we can help as individuals. The 6th chapter has come out and is entitled "What do I ask before I act?" He encourages membership in the LGA from our extended families, friends and anyone who enjoys the Lake.

There was a question from the floor regarding the timing of the LGA meeting. Most people come to the lake in July and August, why is this meeting is held in June? Lew, Milford and Tupper will bring this question up at the next LGA meeting.

E. Queensbury Parks - Dennis MacElroy

Dennis noted that there were several handouts on the back table describing all the sophisticated offerings available from the Queensbury Park system. Many programs are geared to children and grand children. There are pamphlets from Hudson River Park, Q-Club and Stretch and Tone.

V. Committee Reports

A. Nominating

Charlie Adamson representing the nominating committee presented the following slate of officers:

President - Dave Wilcox
Vice President - Bill Bernard
Secretary - Honey-Jo Kelly
Treasurer - Jane Shires

There was a question from the floor regarding whether any of the proposed officers were year rounders. Jane Shires and Bill Bernard are year rounders. Dave Wilcox is from the Albany area.

A motion was made by Don Metivier to elect the proposed slate of officers and was seconded by John Kelly. The President requested the secretary to cast 1 ballot for the slate and then called a 10 minute break at 10:40 am. There was a call to order at 10:52 am by President elect Dave Wilcox. Bill Bernard handed gavel over to Dave and meeting moved to committee reports.

B. Warren County Sewer Project - Dennis MacElroy

Dennis reports that there was a disappointing article in the Post Star related to the environmental review due to segmentation in process for each town. The County must now go back and redo statement on project as a whole. He estimates another year at least pending it's approval in the Hague, Bolton and Lake George. North Queensbury approval probably several years away from shovel to ground, if at all. He said emphasis is shafting to storm water controls and whether any money left in the future is in question. The delay will be another year for the environmental impact statement.

There was a question from the floor regarding a report that never came about due to rock?

Dennis indicated that impact of construction must be looked at with an eye to ease of construction difficulty and costly. Another question from the floor: what is the cost to community while project is on hold? There was no figure to offer at this point. Dave suggested questioner check with County Board of Supervision, Budget officer.

C. Beautification

Dave noted that Gard and Martha Harris and Jane Shires are responsible for the current beautification efforts. Any help with watering greatly appreciated!

D. Storm Water Management Program

Dennis reported that Town of Queensbury has adopted own set of rules independent of LGPC rules. It becomes official at the July 19th meeting. They are really an adoption of the "Model Ordinance" with a couple of tweaks. Renovation and rebuilds will have storm water implications. There is a booklet available that provides a guide for property owners that can be picked up at the town and Park Commission offices.

DeeDee Conner asked about the recent paving - Highway dept. did not do as to LGA speakers techniques mentioned 2 years ago. Paving was to be done toward property rather than lake. Milford that some catch basin were put in. Connie noted that the road paving was an important case in point. That we as APtA need to address issues such as these. She said that we need to be more than a "social" group. Dennis pointed out that it was unfortunate that road was paved as the Park Commission suggestions were being approved/printed up. Dave added new business item about the role of the association with respect to these important issues.

E. Queensbury Property Assessment

Lillian Adamson is home working on assessment problems. Currently there is a problem of illegal raises in assessments. "Welcome Stranger" where person buys house/property for more than assessment and then has his assessment raised. There were no questions for the floor.

F. Map Update

Dennis reports that the information on our map is derived from the tax roles in the Town of Queensbury. he asks to be alerted to any changes. His next update will be in 3 years. He noted that were many changes in this update! Dave has maps from the 60's and 70's for comparison. There are extra copies of the map available.

The Kattskill Bay Directory is available from the Country Store. Extras are $1.00 and are on bookrack at the back of store. They are a good source for local info.

G. Assembly Point Shirts

The Anderson's are currently in the back of the room collecting dues and selling T-shirts in Jane Shires stead. Dues are $15.00 per family.

H. Historian

Bob Holmes passed away last year. He served as president of the Association and in many other capacities over the years. Bob was a good friend and presided over the MacElroy's wedding ceremony. We are currently looking for a new historian. Volunteers???

Mr. Adamson is working to complete Bob's work and welcomes assistance. He lives in Connecticut but resides here for 3 months. He is collecting and updating information on the story of the road's placement etc. Mr. Adamson notes that "we can't undo past but we can stop making same mistakes."

I. Membership - New Residents - Neighbor Reps

The association is in need of outgoing people to create subgroups within the point community to encourage new residents to be active in the association. These people would also welcome new residents to the community and provide lines of communication. It was noted from the floor that "sense of community" has been lost over the years due to changes in culture and agreed there was a need to recreate the "idea" of community. Dave is looking for ideas to promote this objective. Charlie notes from the floor that 10 years ago there were 9-10 districts with one person in each responsible for keeping track of people and events for that district.

J. Publicity

The Assembly Point Association has a Web Page. The address is Dave guided the group through a tour of the various pages it has. Membership, What's New, History, Community Info. It offers the officers e-mail addresses. Dave suggested getting help from the grand kids so you could get all your Assembly Point information online. Many thanks to Vicki Zeldin for her help!

Don Metivier reports that web page is very important. It si the way the world works now. But he also says that "Warren County's oldest paper is it's newest." Don says the Lake George Mirror will report vital information this year. This year the paper will focus on the news pertinent to the area. Last year's paper was mainly literary in nature. We can expect updates on the sewer project, great escapes, the Paulists major national change to international retreat center, Royal Pines an old bar in Lake George to become areas newest brew pub. The Lake George Mirror has a plug for our APtA meeting. He said the paper would be late due to the storm and resultant power outage. Don said it's not normal to promote commercial endeavor but this is an exception since he's a member and can report on it.

K. Annual Cruise

The Annual Cruise is scheduled for August 14, 1999. We would like to repeat last year success. Invite people to join in. If there is enough interest we could charter boat. 80 people for a 2 hour cruise would be $800.00 at $10.00 a per person.

Mr. Anderson notes from the floor that there could be a conflict as that night is the Lake George Club's Director's Ball. Dennis notes that reserved schedule cruise for 48 people is 6:30 to 8 PM. Feed back needed. From the floor - It's a great idea to promote community.

VI. Old Business

55 mph sign on 9L

"No" was the response to the letter about the sign's placement. DOT felt placement was appropriate. The Assembly Point Road speed issue is being addressed. The Warren County Sheriff's Department has placed a digital board at the bottom of the hill for the weekend. They may do it again later in the summer. Another placement may happen if a safe spot can be found. The floor noted that this spot is where deer cross regularly. There was also a question about speed ripples from the floor. The response from Paul Nayor was that this was not appropriate for a public road due to winter maintenance. The idea of removable ones was not pursued.


Dues remain at $15.00 per family. Dues are being collected at the back table.

Community Bulletin Board

Dave extends personal thanks to Bill and Dennis for getting the Bulletin Board up. After looking for best location over 6-7 meetings with input from Highway Dept., private property owners it was decided there was no traditional right of way. Last year a Brayton Lane property owner was contacted and approval was given to pursue that location for the board. However, it has since been determined that it may not be best location. The purpose of this bulletin board was to impart community information and that would be directed and controlled by the Association. There followed a spirited discussion about need for and placement of this board. Dave recognized objections raised and stated the Association had strived to find consensus for board placement at the last meeting. Permission to trim for safety issues was granted so as not to obstruct vision. One homeowner demanded to see proof that sign had been okayed and asked for immediate removal of sign. It was decided to drop subject for moment. Comments from the floor included: " We have a web site. What more do we want?" Bill noted that an Assembly Point map would be good for the lost.


The by laws were brought up and there was discussion as to whether they were proactive enough. Connie Langford and Joan Stone are on the By-law status committee. DeeDee said the by-laws are not political but we should develop rules. Proactive, protective and action oriented could be a goal of another meeting. It was stated that it was difficult to set another meeting due to the time involved We should observe rules that currently exist. Someone noted that we needed monthly meetings. There are pros and cons to more frequent meeting.

A proposal was made to
1. Ask by-law developers for proposal recommendations.
2. Get sense for 2nd meeting with mailed out by-laws logical problem for reaction.
3. Send back to committee with thought for progress next year.

Frank Dillon was opposed to rushing into new by-laws this year. Dave said this point should be taken into consideration. To be practical they could be sent out over winter. If second meeting could be arranged, then perhaps sooner. Dick Young stated that by-laws didn't preclude getting things done. Motivation is there so things can get done!

VII. New Business


Donations in the amount of $50.00 each were made to the following organizations (as noted from Jane Shires report). Mountainside Library, Lake George Association, N. Queensbury Fire Department, N. Queensbury Rescue Squad. Vicki Zeldin made a motion to "do it again." The motion was seconded by Don Metivier.


Carol Hurst announced there would be an exhibit called Roughing It at Lake George on display at the Chapman Museum in Glens Falls.

Joe Sharkey noted that former Association president Dick Kuklok died. Carol Hurst will send a condolence note.

Social Functions

See Bill Bernard to promote gatherings of the Association. It was suggested that dues be used to rent boat for the cruise. There was a motion to subsidize the boat ride with up to $400.00 if necessary, but it was not seconded. The dues were originally the result of a spraying program which no longer exists. Dick Young stated that dues of a $15.00 minimum were needed to be a proactive organization.

VIII. Meeting Adjournment

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Gert Young and seconded by Joe Sharkey. The motion was approved and the meeting adjourned at 12:42 PM. All members were invited to remain for the traditional APtA picnic.

Respectfully submitted,

Honey-Jo Kelly
APtA Secretary