Assembly Point Association


Annual Meeting Minutes
July 14, 2001

I. Call to Order and introduction of officers

President Dave Wilcox called the meeting to order at 9:52 AM and introduced the other officers: Bill Bernard, Vice President, who is unable to be present because of a family emergency, Jane Shires, Treasurer and Honey Jo Kelly, Secretary.

II. 2000 Annual Meeting Minutes approval

Joan Stone moved to accept the minutes which were mailed to all Assembly Point residents and are available on the APtA web site. Milford Lester seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved.

III. Officers' Reports

A. Treasurer - Jane Shires presented the treasurer's report for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2001. The report detailed expenditures and revenue as follows:

  • Initial Balance- 3,611.75,
  • Receipts- 1,994.08,
  • Expenditures- 2,405.57 and
  • Current Balance- 3,200.26.
  • Seventy six families paid dues in 2000, down from ninety-one in 1999.

The treasurer's report was accepted unanimously.

B. President's Report

Dave Wilcox reported the issue of a suitable location for the Community Bulletin Board is still unresolved. The Association web page has just been updated with meeting minutes and links to additional resources. On a personal note, Dave thanked APtA member Dr. Stuart Rosenberg of Knox Road for performing a successful surgery for him this winter.

IV. Guest Speakers

A. Dennis Brower, Town Supervisor on the "Potential North Queensbury Sewer District"

Mr. Brower discussed the sewer plans for the North Queensbury Sewer District. The Village of Lake George is currently finishing improvements in their sewer system, while Bolton Landing is in the planning stages and Hague's improvements are still under consideration. The Pickle Hill solution resulted in major public outcry and is currently being revised. Warren County has millions of dollars it is unable to spend due to lawsuits against the County. Although Queensbury was not ready to make a decision on how improvements should be approached, Mr. Brower gave permission for the other districts to move ahead on their plans. The engineering firm of O'Brien and Gear is continuing studies on waste water for Queensbury. Jim Martin, the representative from Ward 1, met with the engineers to begin a discussion of the plans. There is an estimated $10 million allotted for the improvements.

Jim Martin is in favor of localized solutions to the problem. This plan would bring everyones' tanks up to code. It would also limit damage done to property, but would be an ongoing project.

Lew Stone asked if the septic tanks would be maintained and pumped by the district.

Dennis Brower prefers a centralized approach. This one-time, comprehensive proposal would eliminate the need for revisions for twenty five years. A third option is to continue the current means of disposal. Rock removal for either approach could result in a large monetary commitment for homeowners.

Bill Stapleton questioned the impact on water quality of each plan due to fertilizer, human waste and runoff. The matter of how close to the shore the sewer line might run was also raised as a concern.

Dennis MacElroy, AptA's Warren County Sewer Project Committee chairman reported that we are much further behind than other communities. Next summer public hearings will be held to establish the preferred alternative. At this time it is premature to discuss the issue of cost.

An August meeting is being planned with Mr. Martin and Mr. Brower to discuss these issues. All Assembly Point Members are encouraged to attend.The series of Lake George 2000 public outreach sessions was very poorly attended and the issue of advertisement of such events was discussed. There will be more of these meetings as well so members are encouraged to watch the Town of Queensbury web site for details (a link to is also available from Assembly Point site).

Ted Brothers will address the problem of runoff from lawn fertilizers. Dr. Collins suggests a diverse buffer of trees, shrubs and grass to help absorb the fertilizer nutrients before they reach the Lake. The natural look is best with the area close to the Lake and removal of existing growth is discouraged. Lew Stone suggests Lake George Association's The Lake Book for more ideas and details on protecting the Lake.

B. Ralph VanDeusen, Town Water Superintendent discussed the "Shore Colony Water District" public water system.

The system now must meet regulations. Systems serving larger populations on Lake George have already been altered to meet these regulations. The current system, using a 3000 gallon tank, does not provide the space to adequately chlorinate water. The regulations requiring longer contact time between water and chlorine necessitates a larger tank of 5000 gallons. This tank, six feet by fifteen to eighteen feet buried four feet in the ground, would require major construction at the Lake's edge including footing to support the tank. On the opposite side of the road, a structure 11 feet square and five feet above the ground is planned. The initial cost of this project would amount to $150,000. Future water cost should remain the same as the bills of this May. Under the current plan, people disconnected from the system can be reconnected for a fee. Plans have been submitted and should be approved by the Health Department by November 1, 2001.

The option of using UV to bring the water to regulation was ruled out as cost prohibitive. Any further inquiries should be addressed to a water treatment engineer.

Susan Grob will review a deed with Mr. VanDeusen that may prohibit any building in that right of way. The issue of how the developer transferred the property without landowner's permission is still in question. Concerns were raised about the appearance of such a filtration plant on Assembly Point Road and the lack of visibility for vehicles making the turn in the road.

V. Committee Reports

A. Nominating Committee

Lew Stone presented the nominations for officers for the 2001-2002 year.

  • For President - Dave Wilcox,
  • Vice President - Bill Bernard,
  • Treasurer - Joan Anderson,
  • Secretary - Margie Amodeo.

The slate was approved unanimously.

B. Warren County Sewer Project

Dennis MacElroy reported there was no additional information than that presented by the featured speakers.

C. Beautification

Thanks again to Gard and Martha Harris and Jane Shires for planting the flowers at the top of the Assembly Point Road. Reconstructing the damaged Assembly Point sign for next season was discussed .

D. Queensbury Property Assessment

Someone is needed to take over for Lillian Adamson in monitoring assessments. John Owen remarked on the dramatic change in the last two to three years due to large homes built on the Lake. Paul Schonewolf informed everyone that any taxpayer may challenge his or her assessment at any time by filing a grievance at Town Hall. Frank Dillon questioned Helen Otte's capability to oversee the quantity of property she now assesses. It was established that Ms. Otte has four or five staff members to assist her.

E. Map Dennis MacElroy updates the Point map every three years. Dennis has copies of the current map, which will be updated next year. The county has changed the tax map numbers. The tax maps are available at the County Municipal Center for about $5.00. The Kattskill Bay telephone directory is also a good source of information. These are available from Cheryl Fraiser for $2.00 at the Cleverdale Country Store.

F. Historic Committee

The committee is currently inactive. Dick Young is willing to remain coordinator but needs assistants. Frank Dillon has worked on memoirs of Shore Colony for the web page.

G. Assembly Point Shirts

Jane Shires took orders for new shirts.

H. Membership

Neighborhood representatives were announced.

I. Publicity

It was agreed that all assembly Point letterhead should include the web address. Volunteers are needed to work on updating the web page.

J. Annual Social Event

Last year's event was a great success. Although there has been no formal discussion of a gathering for this year, the possibility was suggested of joining with the Pilot Knob Association in its summer pig roast.

VI. Old Business

A. Dues will remain $15.00 per family.

VII. New Business

A. Development on Lockhart Mountain

Carol Collins discussed subdivision of a large parcel on Lockhart Mountain Road and further development of the Lockhart Mountain Golf Course area. She urged members to consider that it is "less where you live and more what you look at." The current proposal includes twelve houses that will be very visible from surrounding areas as well as a thirty-acre golf course expansion.

Carol expressed concerns about the project based on numerous factors: the visible impact due to tree removal, and the lack of rules for controlling the homes' appearance, the environmental impact from the lack of a storm water plan, ten acres of wetland on the mountain, and an endangered species. The apparent inability to enforce tree-cutting rules continues to be a concern as well. Final approval of the proposals are scheduled for Tuesday July 16th at 7 PM at Queensbury Town Center. She proposed the Association send a letter to the Planning Board to request that it postpone a decision until the matter can be further discussed. She encouraged members to donate to the Fund for Lake George and to write to the town about their concerns.

Fund For Lake George
Upland Protection Fund
PO Box 349
Lake George, NY 12485

The President will send a letter to the Town on behalf of the Association with the request to consider additional information prior to taking final action on the proposals.

B. Donations

MaryBeth Dunne moved to maintain the current level of donations to the Mountainside Library, the North Queensbury Volunteer Fire Company, and the North Queensbury Rescue Squad at the traditional $50 level each. She also moved that additional donations be made for $50 to the Lake George Basin Conservancy Project and $100 to the Fund for Lake George for the Lockhart Mountain fund.

C. Congratulations to the Youngs who are celebrating their 60th anniversary.

D. Annual Social Functions

There are none planned at this time.

E. From the Floor

  1. Carol Hurst expressed her concern about the abundance of signs at the top of the hill and parking along the road.
  2. Paul Schonewolf discussed the need for two fire hydrants on the Point. Level sites are near the road are needed. The hydrants will be installed at no cost to the landowner. He stated that insurance companies often lower premiums for houses located near hydrants. Interested landowners should contact Paul.

VIII. Meeting Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 12:05 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Margie Amodeo
APtA Secretary