Assembly Point Association
26 Forest Rd
Lake George, New York 12845

July 14, 2001


Queensbury Town Planning Board
Queensbury Town Offices
742 Bay Road
Queesbury, NY 12084

Dear Planning Board Members:

Re: SB 1-2001 and PUD Site Plan No. 28-2001

A precious economic, recreational and aesthetic resource of our area is impacted by all activity within the Lake George watershed basin including that which falls within the Town of Queensbury. That resource is Lake George.

Since everything occurring within this basin affects the water quality of Lake George, the Assembly Point Association formally requests that the appropriate town board give greater opportunity for review of upland Lake George Basin development falling within the Queensbury town limits. Typical concerns include excessive runoff, damage to wetlands, scarring of mountainsides and tree cutting.

Enclosed are the signatures of 53 Assembly Point property owners, who attended the annual association meeting today, and feel strongly about this issue.

Our request is for your immediate action to create adequate time to review the proposed Lockhart Mountain projects fully before irreversible damage is done…damage that WILL affect Lake George, a vital resource. This request in no way implies a position by Assembly Point Association on the merits of the proposed projects, but simply asks for the fullest review process to be implemented.

Respectfully submitted,


David H. Wilcox, President

Attachment: Assembly Point Association member signatures